Pelvic Rotation and Hip Movement Both Important for a Good Swing

We all know the importance of correct pelvic rotation when making a swing, for both an efficient backswing and downswing, as well as for the correct transfer of body weight.

However, it is also important to evaluate hip movement because, for pelvic rotation to occur efficiently, it is essential to ensure good hip movement. Any mobility restriction in this part of the body can be responsible for back pain (especially the lower back) and in turn this can lead to further limitations or even contracting an injury.

That is why good hip movement is key to improving our pelvic rotation, especially if we make a technical error as a result of mobility limitations. Nowadays we know that, if we don’t treat the basic problem, it is very difficult or impossible to improve or eradicate any technical failure related to an inefficient pelvic rotation caused by limitation of hip movement.

In the case where hip movement is not compromised but there are difficulties with pelvic rotation during the swing, the latter should be specifically targeted with exercises that favour and enhance pelvic rotation. There are many options (rubber bands, pulleys...), but it is important to select these stimuli in a specific way and for each individual student.

Here are some examples of mobility exercises for the hips and other body areas to work on pelvic rotation in a more specific golfing context.

Exercise 1  

From a sitting position, holding a club with both hands, arms and spine extended, move both legs to the side in order to bring the knees as close as possible to the ground (movement/external and internal rotation of the hips).

Exercise 2  

From a kneeling position on the ground, and holding a club at chest level, execute a hip extension by raising the club overhead. Execute on both sides (movement/external and internal hip rotation).

Exercise 3   

Stand to the side of a pulley or elastic resistance band, hold the grip and support it against one of the hips. In turn hold a club with the other hand and from that position execute a pelvic rotation towards the side of the club that is resting on the ground. Execute on both sides (pelvic rotation).

Exercise 4 

Stand to the side of a pulley or elastic resistance band, hold the grip with both hands, keep it at all times in the centre and at chest height, and from that position execute a pelvic rotation to the opposite side of the pulley or resistance band. Change sides (pelvic rotation).