Currently, it is well-known in all the golf industry about the rebirth of The San Roque Club with the renovation works on the Old Course and the huge amount of developments at the club facilities.

The club’s captains, Lizz Griffiths and David MacGregor, give us further insight into its iconic history, and talk about the new owners’ mission and vision.

You all must feel excited. Please tell us a bit more about it and the mission and vision by the new SRC ownership.

D.M. - The mission is to create the premier golfing resort in Europe. The new owners identified San Roque as a magnificent golf course and have been able to articulate a plan to take it from being a very good course to creating a great complex. The scale and quality of the work being undertaken is magnificent and we are excited to witness the progress of the course, golfing facilities and the clubhouse.

L.G. - When the new owners took over we were concerned that all their promises would be just words. However, their words have been turned into actions and the work that has been done on not just the course but all the Club’s facilities have been amazing and I am eagerly anticipating the final outcome.

How is this new situation of progress impacting the New Course?

D.M. - We are very fortunate to have two excellent layouts on the property. The specialist contractors are undertaking the building work on the main course and the New Course is now benefitting from increased maintenance with the entire greenkeeping workforce focused on the New Course. As a consequence, it is in great shape.  There have been some changes to the New Course which has improved the enjoyment factor but retained the unspoiled vistas which are rare on the Costa del Sol. Within the next 12 months we are going to enjoy two excellent courses with very different personalities but both presenting a memorable golfing experience.

L.G. - Of course there is a lot more traffic on the New Course with only one course available but having all the greenkeeping staff working on it full time has made a huge difference and at the end of this, we will have two very different but excellent courses to play.

The members’ golf and social calendar is becoming very popular. Can you please explain a bit more about it?

D.M. - The San Roque Club has a vibrant social calendar which covers a full 12 months. The vast majority of our members spend 3-6 months in the area and enjoy a comprehensive competition schedule which caters for golfers of all standards. Our mixed team competitions are our most popular events and we try to ensure that everyone has a good time. We also have a variety of culinary experiences aligned with the competitions so that members can relax and enjoy a whole day and evening with friends and family.

L.G. - We have tried to set up a varied golfing calendar to ensure that everyone who would like to participate is able to whatever their handicap. There are regular fixed competitions for the more serious golfers but also a selection of fun games. For these fun events we try to arrange groupings so that different levels of ability play together and there is an opportunity to meet other members.

What makes a golf club great? Does San Roque Club fulfil your expectations?

D.M. - As I said above, we are very lucky to have two high quality courses. What makes the club special is the interaction of members. All events seem to produce good healthy competitive golf but always end with a great deal of laughter regardless of whether you are on the winning side or not. The membership numbers at San Roque are not nearly as high as the majority of our neighbours but this generally means that members know each other a bit better and are always happy to join in.

L.G. - I agree with David that the reason the Club is special is its members. I believe that in general we are all friendly and very inclusive. It is the membership as well as the great courses which make this Club extra special.

Is there anything you would like to achieve in your year as Captain/Lady Captain?

D.M. - We have been very lucky to have had highly talented Captains in the past and I am extremely honored to be the Captain of this prestigious club.  I see my role as maintaining the tradition of the club but as we enter a new era it is important that we evolve and engage with new members and provide an inclusive approach to all our events. Golf is facing stiff competition from a number of other sports and pastimes for members and we need to be energetic and inclusive in order to prosper as we move forward.

L.G. - I too feel honoured to be the Lady Captain of this Club. From the start it was going to be a very different year with the closure of the Old Course and the challenges which that brings, and with the Spanish lockdown there have even more challenges. During this challenging period, we have to be flexible and adaptable at the same time in keeping with the general philosophy of the Club.

What membership opportunities are launching San Roque at the moment?

The club opened the first lot of new memberships last August and they were sold out within 2 weeks. The response to the new membership offer has been very encouraging and the feedback from those who have taken advantage of the investment opportunity has been very positive. We are now on our 6th lot and by the time we open in December we anticipate that we will have sold all the lots expected. Our advice would be to join sooner rather than later and take advantage of the super price that is on offer.

What message would you say to anyone thinking about joining at SRC?

D.M. - Come along and meet the members and sample the camaraderie that exists at the club. We have welcomed a significant number of new members during the past year and a common theme has been the ease with which new members settled into the club. One new member commented that he joined the club as he knew the courses were excellent and that the plans for the development of the complex would make it even better. What really delighted him was the added extra of the club environment and the ease with which he was made to feel welcome and a part of the San Roque family.

L.G. – San Roque is a friendly inclusive Club and we try our best to welcome and include everyone as is appropriate for them and I would reiterate David’s comment to come and try us.