Go on… Explore. Take a breath of the fragrant Mediterranean Sea air, a sip of a local cocktail or a bite from a freshly prepared seafood dish. Unwind at Lumine, relax in Tarragona but more importantly enjoy your new-found freedom.

Extraordinary circumstances have changed the way we think and the way we prepare for a holiday abroad however the team at Lumine are working around the clock to make those experiences unique, memorable, and safe. As travellers look for their passports, and begin researching new destinations, the off-course activities become more important to all varieties of visitors.

Standing amongst the regions famous pine trees and natural olive plantations, the resort is the ideal combination of championship golf, modern gastronomy, and exclusive residences. Combining the culture of Tarragona, and the historic locations within, a unique group of activities have been developed and will be available to book for future escapes. Guests can choose from four exclusive varieties of experience; Culture, Gastronomy, Wellness, and Family; all of which represent the new lifestyle elements within the resort. 

Go explore the region and disconnect from reality, consume stories of ancient civilization, tasteful samples of famous wines, unforgettable sites from beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, or once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the day and night. 



The 360 view of history is just a short journey away. Explore Tarragona in so many guises, visiting cultural spots located across a picturesque City. Stroll through the medieval Pont del Diable, sample delectable Vermouth in Plaça del Forum or simply enjoy breath-taking views of the Amphitheatre. Lovers of classical music can discover Museum of Pau Casals, one of the best violoncellists of the twentieth century, visualizing his masterful compositions in full flight at the Pedrera del Medol.

Situated at Montroig del Camp, those seeking a more artistic experience should visit Masia de Miró. Step into a unique painter’s farmhouse and unravel his personal journey, his representation of places he once resided in. Reproductions of his work at Mare de Déu de la Roca are exceptional, positioned amongst the glowing sunset from the hermitage, enjoyed best with a glass of Cava.



Many meals, and restaurant visits, have been postponed during the past year and now, we must treat ourselves to mouth-watering experiences from spectacular venues. Costa Dorada’s famous vineyards, Olive Oil plantations and Oyster tasting experiences are all just a short distance from Lumine and can be consumed in a variety of guises.

Learn how to make wine in the vineyards of Falset or take a group trip to La Morera del Montsant, explore the barrel room inspired by Gaudi and participate in a premium tasting experience with extensive insights from guided experts. Enjoy a delectable range of local produce visiting the mill at Horta de Sant Joan, a 12th century house, and take part in a ‘make your own’ Olive Oil workshop, uncovering the aromatic favours and dishes from the ‘La Cotxa’ area.

If it’s the Sea that fascinates the mind, head for a more scenic experience on the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, take an exclusive boat journey and head to Punta del Fangar del Dela de l'Ebre, a notable  fishing museum. Oysters and Mussels, alongside a glistening bottle of Cava await offering sophisticated dining painted by the ocean’s backdrop. Delicious meals can also be consumed on board the Gulet ALANIA, the only green ecological schooner, delivering desirable dishes caught, prepared and cooked onboard the vessel.



An untouched and hidden collection of activities are just a short distance from Lumine, from water sports to cycling trails, there are plenty of exciting ways for you and the family to explore everything that Costa Dorada has to offer.

Kitesurf at the ‘Trabucador’ beach, sail into Mediterranean’s horizontal sunset, horse-ride through the Ebro Delta Natural Park, or discover an array of colours as you Scuba Dive beneath the surface of the Mediterranean. 

Discover life beyond the surface by exploring a world that sits at the bottom of the sea. Learn to move underwater, observing and contemplating a variety of flora, fauna, and different species as they undergo life in their natural habitats.

Stand, contemplate, breathe deeply and renew all your energy with a flight that will allow you to see the Ebro Delta in all its glory. Fly over the river, the rice fields, lagoons and beaches…all bathed in colour with the orange, red and gold of the sunset, or the blues of the sky just painted by the gentle morning breeze.

Take a dream route on horseback through the Ebro Delta Natural Park, discovering how the extensive landscape is shaped by the cultivation of rice, or experience the agricultural, rural and Mediterranean landscape, passing through fields of olive trees, hazelnuts and carob trees by bike. Fly exclusively over the natural park, paragliding in the Sierra de Montsant with a professional pilot, all possible with trips available with Lumine.



A true experience is often defined by the company its shared with. Endless experiences are also available for small and larger families, for young children and for grandparents.

Accompanied by the shepherd, learn how to be a Pastor for the day with Cayado (cane) in hand, lead the goats and dog through the mountains, crossing rivers and discovering which plants to touch and eat. Finish in the workshop, where guests make their own cheeses and taste the finest local produce.

Cultivate rice manually by taking part in an exclusive workshop and demonstration, designed to show you and the family how to obtain the skills needed to work in the fields. Learn how to make your own rice with expert guidance from professionals.

Enjoy a brunch in the vineyards of La Morera del Montsant, discover the cellar and allow the children to explore the local surroundings in peace. 

Unlike any other resort in Europe. Discover more, discover Lumine…