Salamanca Golf & Country Club is located not far from one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. With its two 18-hole courses (Zarapicos and Villamayor) and facilities for other sports activities – such as horse riding, football and tennis – the club offers the most extensive range of sport and family leisure options in Salamanca and its surrounding area.

Salamanca is unquestionably one of the most captivating cities in Spain. Walking through its streets sometimes feels slightly overwhelming. It seems impossible that a city of just over 150,000 people can be home to so much art, so many monuments (palaces, churches, convents, mansions, small squares and Plaza Mayor, which is the main square par excellence), streams of tourists, university students, foreign students learning Spanish, etc.

"For golf lovers, paradise is 20 minutes away from all this hustle and bustle," says Pedro Morán Rochell, managing director of Salamanca Golf & Country Club. We met Morán at the Zarapicos course, where he told us more about the club, which offers some of the best inland golf amenities in Spain. 

Morán belongs to a family with a long tradition in the world of golf. He arrived in Salamanca directly from Villa Padierna, on the Costa del Sol, seduced by the huge appeal of a project that emerged seven years ago from the union of two golf courses in the capital, Zarapicos and Villamayor, and is headed by Salamanca businessman Juan María López Álvarez.

“The Villamayor course is an eminently urban layout – you can even get there by bus – whose holes run along the banks of the Tormes River. It is the perfect course to play when you are a bit tight for time, to hit some balls after work or to take some classes during the week,” says Morán, answering our question about what aspects of the course he would highlight. As for the most notable holes in his opinion, he cites the last three. 

Designed by Manuel Piñero, Zarapicos is located on a large 40-hectare farm plot surrounded by holm oaks in an environment of absolute beauty and calm. It is an exceptional layout and the oldest 18-hole course in the Castilla y León region.

“It is a very technical course, with dense vegetation that demands the best from a player,” Morán explains with a smile, “but it is also true that, thanks to the large area it occupies and the type of vegetation, it is relatively forgiving with mistakes, so both experienced players and beginners can really enjoy it.” In this case, the club director chooses the 5th, 9th, 11th and 18th as the most outstanding holes.

The great attraction of this club is that "season ticket holders have the advantage of having two courses in a single club and a single fee: two styles of play in two totally different environments", as well as leisure facilities that include a summer pool, riding club and youth hostel.

For its director, Salamanca Golf & Country Club is the ideal destination for those seeking a memorable golf getaway. “If you book one of our hotel and golf packages at any of the hotels where we have agreements (the five-star Hospes Palacio de San Esteban or the four-star Doña Brigida and Catalonia Salamanca Plaza Mayor), you can play at one of the courses on the first day and enjoy a snack in the clubhouse. Then, at sunset, a walk through one of the most beautiful cities in Spain (and this from an Andalucian), followed by dinner savouring the finest Iberian meats and excellent wines from Ribera del Duero, Toro and Arribes. And the next day, another 18 holes on the other course. Culture, gastronomy and golf… Salamanca in all its facets. Incomparable."