Academy "Greenlife Golf Marbella", cutting-edge classes


Greenlife Golf Marbella Academy offers state-of-the-art teaching methods and latest industry technology

Known for its close relationship with clients, and personalised service, Marbella club Greenlife Golf is firmly committed to helping golfers improve their game. We were able to witness this first-hand recently during a day of teaching and golf – as well as El Lago restaurant’s exquisite cuisine.

During our visit to Greenlife Golf we saw how its academy, located on the complex’s practice ground, has some of the best amenities on the Costa del Sol and, day by day, continues to introduce cutting-edge technology as a complementary service to traditional golf teaching.

These latest advances include a biomechanics study of a golfer’s swing aimed at detecting possible limitations or physical problems that could cause injuries or limit a player’s learning capacity.

According to Greenlife Golf manager Francisco Galán, “A high percentage of players have problems practising or learning to play golf, due to limitations that can be rectified with the correct analysis and diagnosis. Our service is ideal for helping these golfers overcome any hindrances to their game and to experience improvements.”

The club offers all golfers and members the opportunity of undertaking a swing analysis that lasts approximately 15 minutes, at no cost, with the only requirement being that it is reserved in advance.

Walter Pitchford, co-manager of the academy, carries out the study with the aid of an ultra-slow camera that records 120 video frames per second and analyses a golfer’s swing using V1 software, detecting potential limitations or problems. Once completed, he uses the images to reveal to the player any limitations that have been detected and explains how to resolve them, in a very informative and intuitive manner. In the event of more serious limitations, caused by medical problems, Greenlife will refer the player to the specialists at the Foot & Sports Clinic – with whom the club is collaborating on the initiative.

Golfers with major problems can also benefit from the new service at Greenlife Golf, including those with prosthesis or who have undergone delicate operations.

“Clients really appreciate Greenlife’s new service. Most have commented that it is an excellent way to analyse the swing, as it enables them to visualise what they actually do and leave to one side what they think they are doing,” notes Francisco Galán. “Furthermore, Walter is an excellent professional who offers his diagnosis in a very educative and enjoyable way, in many cases solving problems that have lasted through years of play in just a few minutes.”


Improving a golfer’s swing is not the only way to improve their game: choosing the wrong material, both its dimensions and adaption to individual features, can also have a negative effect. Bearing that in mind, in December the Greenlife Golf Academy opened a Fitting Centre, offering the latest products from the top brands and the assistance of professionals who can carry out a personalised fitting and recommend the correct club measurements (length, shaft, loft, lie, weight, etc.). Fitting clients can also purchase products directly from the club shop, at special prices.


Another interesting initiative that we were able to check out during our visit to the club is its online Bookings Centre, enabling clients (at to contract accommodation in Greenlife’s studios and suites, green fees for the golf course and gastronomic offers at the El Lago restaurant – located in the clubhouse and the holder of a Michelin star for its dinner service.

The booking process is very simple: just choose the dates and the system offers various available options, always at the best prices. After the client marks the desired option, the operation is completed within seconds. They then receive a voucher by email, with a booking code, and the establishment will charge the first night as a deposit. This amount is refunded if the booking is cancelled at least 48 hours before the date.

“Greenlife Golf’s objective with this new online marketing initiative is to use latest technologies to continue offering clients the most personalised, direct and satisfactory service,” explains Francisco Galán.

Greenlife Golf recently introduced its green fee Booking Centre, and the response was excellent.

We finalised our tour of Greenlife’s latest initiatives with a superb meal in the restaurant. This can be enjoyed before or after a round – in our case we chose to dine before heading out to the academy and course.

Restaurant manager Paco García, also in charge of the dining room, treated us to impeccable service, and the cuisine was also a memorable experience. The recipient of a Michelin star in 2005 for its dinner service, the restaurant offers a lighter menu during the day for golfers – a very reasonably priced menu that bears the unmistakeable culinary stamp of Diego del Rio, one of Andalucía’s most celebrated chefs. El Lago is, therefore, just one more excellent reason to visit the complex. More information at: www.restauranteellago. com.

So Greenlife continues to evolve: Marbella’s paradise of golf, leisure and, of course, gastronomy… an exclusive complex within the scope of all clients, as there are always special offers and packages, for golf, accommodation and its other services. For example, the Flat Rate, which covers as many holes as you want to play throughout the day, for €28 a person. The prices for the studios are also very reasonable, from just over €60 a day for two people.